Match Report: Just What We Needed

Saturday’s match away at FJK was exactly what we wanted. We made getting three points look easy, and as a supporter I never had to worry. We scored the 0-1 goal early on the 12th minute, and the insurance goal came soon after on the 25th minute. From there on out I had no worries. Granted, FJK had a few chances to score, and if we had conceded there would have surely been some nail-biting. However, we survived ”the most dangerous lead in football” and won the match 0-2 (0-2) quite handily.

We went to the match with a more or less normal lineup with one exception. Namely, Ville Toiva played 90 minutes in central midfield. Previously he had started every single one of our matches at full back, but now necessity had moved him to a new position. As far as I understand, TamU-K is where he became a full back before playing in the midfield for his previous clubs, so the success of this move is not all that unexpected. I bet we are going to see more of this, because it allows Timo Kauppinen to move down to central defense, and for full backs we have plenty of good choices like Osku Airesto and Jouko Turunen who played on Saturday, as well as Otto Pitkänen who is back. Additionally our newest signing Tuomas Savinainen can cover in that position, and even RIku Jussila should be back in the lineup in upcoming matches.

Talking about Tuomas Savinainen, many have been wondering about him. He has amassed mere 44 minutes of playing time in three matches, and has not accomplished much at all. The latest I heard is that he in fact had not played in two seasons. However, he was regularly in the starting lineup for MuSa in Kakkonen (third tier) just three seasons ago, so it is clear that he will get back into form eventually – and then he will be a great force for us. Hopefully that will happen this fall, but I’m sure he was signed primarily with the 2015 season in mind.

Getting back to the match, it was Timo Kauppinen who scored our first goal. Everybody was kind of surprised when they saw Osku Airesto march to the corner for a kick in. He stunned everybody with a perfect ball that found Kauppinen complete free just on top of the goal box. He headed the ball straight to the ground, and the goalie had now business getting to it as it bounced back up and to the net.

The second goal was scored by Ville Toiva, his first ever for the club. He found himself in front of goal with a ball that Risto Niskanen had passed to him perfectly across the field from about 30 meters out on the right side. A couple touches and the ball was in the upper corner of the goal. I was so happy to see it. Toiva is one of those silent work horses who does not typically show anything too spectacular, but is one of our best players game in game out. The coaches clearly see this too: Toiva has 1364 minutes on the field this season in Nelonen, more than anybody else on the team.

The rest of the match was pretty easy for us. There were a few occasions where FJK got pretty close to scoring, but our defence played an excellent match, and the few mistakes that were made were recovered by a team mate in most cases. We created a number of chances as well, but the closest we got was the cross bar.

Our matches will continue on Sunday, when we host Ilves at Pyynikki. They are on a ten-match winning streak, and our aim is naturally to end it in a loss. This would give us a sliver of hope to finish first in Nelonen this year. It would still require Ilves to drop points in one of their other remaining matches, which at this point seems unlikely. However, you don’t give up until it is impossible – and besides, we need the points in the race for the second place too.

FJK – TamU-K 0-2 (0-2)
12 min Timo Kauppinen 0-1
25 min Ville Toiva 0-2

33 min Benedikt Emeka, FJK (caution)
45 min Jarno Hankaniemi, FJK (caution)
72 min Harri Matinaro, FJK (caution)
75 min Jouko Turunen, TamU-K (caution)
76 min Ville Toiva, TamU-K (caution)
82 min Benedikt Emeka, FJK (caution)
82 min Benedikt Emeka, FJK (ejection)