Match Report: Better Late than Never

Last Sunday’s match against SW was such an easy one that there really is not too much to say about it, and so this match report has been a long time coming. The result in the end was a comfortable 8-1 (4-1) victory for the boys in blue. In my match preview I called for the right attitude, and it turned out that even just a little bit of that right attitude was enough this time. The first goal got scored by Jonne Keränen after less than 7 minutes of play, an easy header from a nice corner kick by Osku Airesto, and by the half-hour mark the scoreboard read 3-0 and the game was beyond decided.

The whole event seemed like one that took place only because it had to. There was very little excitement about anything. Even the attendance was our lowest this season, just 131 people. Everybody knew what was going to happen in the match – there was just no way TamU-K was not going to win this one. As the head coach commented afterwards, the team that we played against was of the level you typically see two divisions lower in Kutonen.

The man of the match was Risto Niskanen, who has played well all season long, but seems to improve towards the fall. He scored his fourth and fifth goals of the season, and had a few other chances as well. He also created a number of chances for others. Of these, the unlikeliest one was the one that resulted in a goal: Niskanen’s high cross from the right hand side to the goalmouth was certainly in the territory that the goalie should be able to cover, but somehow Andrea Milanti’s head got to it first.

In other positives, our new signing Severi Hiltunen scored his first goal for the club. Indeed, I was told it was the first ever goal for the 18-year old striker in an adult match. He got the ball in the midfield from a SW defender, ran into the box chased by another defender, and calmly put the ball in the goal via a bounce off the far post. I would certainly like to see more of this.

I also liked how our midfield worked. Granted, it was a very easy game defensively, but it is fun to watch Markus Silvennoinen make all the right moves to protect the defensive line. This gives the pair above him, this time Jonne Keränen and Juha Kumara, a lot more time and freedom to do their creative work.

And lastly, it was great to see that Tuomas Savinainen is starting to reach the form that is expected of him. After not playing anywhere for nearly two full seasons, he has now played in six matches for us as a full back, gradually getting more and more playing time. Sunday’s match was his second start and his first full ninety minutes. It does look like he will be a great player for us in the remaining crucial matches this season, not to mention next year.

This weekend the team has a break from matches, before returning to action on Saturday next week in a home match at Pyynikki against the local rival PP-70. Our competitors for the second place on the table, NePa and VaKP, won’t play until then, so we will go into the match under the assumption that we will need at least five points from our remaining three matches. The stakes are high, but so is our motivation to get the results that we need.

TamU-K – SW 8-1 (4-1)
7 min Jonne Keränen 1-0
25 min Olli Virtanen 2-0 (og)
30 min Mika Kytöviita 3-0 (pk)
32 min Risto Niskanen 4-0
43 min Osku Airesto 4-1 (og)
47 min Risto Niskanen 5-1
58 min Timo Kauppinen 6-1
70 min Andrea Milanti 7-1
76 min Severi Hiltunen 8-1