Match Preview: Reset and Reboot

Tomorrow our season starts anew with a match away at TP-49. We have five matches left of the regular season, and during that stretch of five weeks we will have two objectives. Firstly, we have to take enough points from those matches and finish second on the table, but just as importantly, we have to get back into a form where we can compete against the second place team of Nelonen in the Satakunta district. We are in a good condition to reach those goals, especially given the addition of Markus Silvennoinen in the midfield, but it will require a lot of hard work.

In that regard, I was pleased to hear that Thursday’s practice session was very well attended, and the quality of training was very high. It looked like the team set on its goals that we have been used to seeing during the entire TamU-K era, it was said. A number of players will also return to the team for Saturday’s match, and I even heard rumours of a possible new signing. We do have until September 2nd to make additions to the team. After that date the only players we can add to the first team are those who already play for our second team – and then those players can no longer return to the second team, which means these moves won’t happen unless we are in big trouble and have no other choice.

Tomorrow’s match will be played away in Toijala, a 20 minute train ride south from Tampere. The opponent TP-49 has dropped near the relegation zone, and desperately need more points. They have played some very good matches this season in addition the many bad ones, and so cannot be underestimated, or else we will be in a world of trouble. In our home match in June the victory came almost too easy, when TP-49’s defenders made easy mistakes under pressure, and we scored three goals during the first half-hour of the match. The 3-0 was indeed the final score that time.

Kickoff on Saturday is set at 3 pm sharp. The supporters will be traveling to the match by train – looks like the 1:07 pm run will be the most popular one. We will demand a good performance, and when that happens, we will also get the full three points. Our situation on the table is such that these points are sorely needed to restore calm into the club. Everything is still in our own hands of course, but NePa’s victory over FC Melody yesterday means that they are one point ahead of us. Yes, we have two games in hand, but like I wrote recently, that means zilch until we get points from those two matches.