Match Preview: No Room for Error at Urjala

Today’s away match at Urjala was always going to be one of the big ones for the supporters. Now that we are going there winless in our last two matches, it is even bigger than that as the team needs to return to winning ways after getting just one point from the last two matches. It is often said that promotions in the lower leagues are decided in the middle of the summer when teams have absences due to all kinds of summer activities. Right now seems to be our time to prove that we won’t fall victim to this.

The reason Urjala is a big one is that it is one of the proper away trips in terms of distance (60 km / 40 miles) and there is a proper stadium there too. What sets it apart from other longer trips is that this season it is the only one where we will have vocal support for the home team as well. We should be able to ousting them easily though. I also expect a high overall attendance as well, something similar to Valkeakoski, where there were about a hundred people in attendance in our match against VaKP early in the season.

Our lineup seems to be slightly stronger than it was last weekend against FC Melody. Most notably, Mika Kytöviita returns to the team, bringing a much stronger threat to the striker position than any of our other options. Risto Niskanen is back as well, but I expect him to start on the bench. In fact, the starting lineup against FC Melody was a strong one, and I would not expect a lot of changes to it besides switching Kytöviita for Eero Sointu up top.

The home team UrPS will be missing one of their best players, Kasperi Ojala, due to what sounded like a pileup of injuries. However, their team is still going to be much stronger than the one that we beat 6-0 (2-0) early in the season. Back at that time they were in a huge disarray, and a few players even had to play out of their natural position. Now it seems that they have better players in all positions from defence all the way to the top. Besides, they are a strong home team, and this season their home record shows three wins and one loss with an impressive 19-4 goal differential. Put simply: we cannot underestimate this team.

For us victory is the only option in this match. We are still at the top of the table, but we have no cushion between us and Ilves, and they do not look like they are going to drop more points anytime soon. We will meet them in three weeks, and the three matches that we will play before that match are extremely important. It is time for us to show what we are made of.

There are still a few spots open on the supporters’ bus to the match. We will start with pre-bus pints at Gastropub Nordic at 3 pm, and the bus will start from a nearby location at 4.30 pm. Join us! Or if you prefer, drive your own car over. It is just a 40 minute drive and the field is right smack in the middle of Urjala, making it very easy to find. We will need all the support that we can get today!