Head Coach’s Column: A Story Well Worth Telling

The word amateur derives from the Latin word amãtor, which refers to a lover of something. The English word is often used to play something down, but in TamU-K’s case there isn’t a word more accurate or more appropriate to be used. This club was formed because people loved something. They loved their club so much that they refused to part from it even after the club seemed to be dead. And that, my friends, is a story well worth telling.

While the sad norm for football supporters in the city of Tampere during the last few decades has been to change clubs that they support like others change socks, our people stuck to their club and prevailed. I dare to claim that this was one of the unlikeliest places in the footballing world for a story like ours to occur. That is testimony to the great people who formed our club.

The great Liverpool manager Bill Shankly had the famous quote: ”At a football club, there’s a holy trinity – the players, the manager and the supporters.” In TamU-K we all exist for each other. There would be no team, no manager nor players without the supporters. Nor could there ever be a group of supporters without a team to cheer for.

I’ve seen our fans shivering in the cold Finnish weather, I’ve seen them physically attacked by others, and I’ve seen them verbally abused by others for fighting a dead cause. And still every night they always came back to sing for us. These people have really stuck with us through thick and thin. Our supporters. Our friends.

Our story was brilliantly put into words by Matt Negrin on last Thursday’s edition of The New York Times. The Finnish media wrote about it throughout the day, and now our club’s story, or at least a glimpse of the story is known by more people than ever.

This, however, is not the peak of our story. We are just getting started, and you all are invited to join the ride. Following us is easier than ever before for even those who do not understand Finnish. Our superb blogger From the Terraces provides match previews and reports in English, and even writes about other important events involving our club. Better yet, our home games streamed live, and they are free to watch at tamu-k.com/live.

Always Tampere – Forever United

Mika ”Immortal” Suonsyrjä
Head Coach of TamU-K